COAS endorses death sentence for retired brigadier & civilian : Gen (r) Amjad Shoaib comments


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jhoota bandar Gen shoaib

DG ISPR failed to punish the culprit and saved daughter of a general Major ammara Riaz !
as usual ISPR gave lollipop and nothing ever happened!



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My dear arastu of social media above case was an act of individual don't blame the whole institution ,first of all we have thankful to ALLAH swt and then we are lucky we have had a competent army and ISI otherwise our position would not different than Iraq,Palestine,Occupied Kashmir and Lybia


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Good and fair step taken. The Army should also serve a post dated sentence to Musharraf for selling the country's foreign policy for personal gains (Rs 2 billion gift from Saudi King etc)
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Nikita Chaudhry

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sab toppi drama hay ........

.in less then 6 months he will be scotch free and after one more year his retirement status and ranks will be reinstated with all past benefits