Chaudhary Nisar's strategy is the second last chance for a unified stable peaceful Pakistan


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Personally, I do not think that democracy in its present format and politicians in general will be able to unify , develop or keep country strong and peaceful at all.

But despite this view I believe that the recent "Plan" of Ch.Nisar is good and that is the reason that anarchy groups with the help of media took great pains to discredit Ch.Nisar in the Islamabad "lone car gunner" incident .As expected the Geo-CJ group too sided with this anarchy group to discredit Nisar.

Three important points in Nisar's point of view were :

a) He stated that If there is no law and order in capital there cannot be any in provinces. Fact of the matter is Islamabad has one of the highest incidents of murder, Ransom , illegal Qabza , Narcotic etc and most police statistics are not even 1/3 of the actual situation. This is good logic .

b) He stated that Taliban be given a formal choice that do you want integration in the system of Pakistan or do you want War?. (Proper Total , Massive , eliminating , blood war that is to be with clear possibility of occupation of parts of Afghanistan for a time as would be necessitated by strategy on ground).

This would mean that for peace on Indian border a nuclear standoff is a possibility and India knows it and wants to subvert the plan. The problem on the ground is that an exodus of Pashtoons is already occuring towards Punjab and other areas . Pashtoons no longer safe in KPK are buying property and resettling in large numbers in Pindi,Islamabad, Murree and such farther areas. A much greater exodus is also likely if situation deteriorates . Reports speak of an element of military Fatigue in units located in these areas and this is owing to no proper , massive support for military units in a proper way and no proper war strategy with little clear battle lines drawn . This can be rectified as per Nisar's plan it seems.

c) The third and most important part of Nisar's plan is the supervisory (coordinating ) Body for state agencies.

This would mean that moles of foriegn powers embedded in these will be discovered. Nisar says that agencies have their own turfs and no coordination despite presence all over. Agencies since long are politicians in their own right conducting trades of all types including commerce.Here is where the clash is and here is the suspected reason for Islamabad lone gunman drama it seems . Agencies can always prevail in the end if they quote that this is again an effort to take I.S or this or that under political control. State has either these agencies or army to control enemies nothing else . If it is not PMLN then it may be army but the task is the same and the agencies are the same to control matters.

It has been asked for a long time that why is it that bomb blasts in Punjab , if it targets Margalla road of Islamabad , targets FC checkpost not Rahman malik type VIPs and in lahore it targets police recruits rather than parliamentarians or higher police officials . Is it a campaign directed in punjab at constable , ASI level only? . Has it to target Bazaars located in poor areas where no VIP cars are parked lest a serious investigation starts. In NWFP matters are different and targets wider.In Punjab is it an inside job ?

Now if Nisar as interior minister really wants peace in Islamabad and the rest of the country then legislations to appoint new educated investigating officers in police from outside and new better qualified honest medicolegal doctors in hospitals is essential.

There is an urgent need to introduce and legislate on "judges accountability" in the form of Act to deal with lower judiciary. Similarly there needs to be amendments in supreme judicial council clauses in Supreme court and I have given an outline of those amendments to make higher judiciary accountable in aqnothe thread .

All this is necessary to reduce the college of crime in Pakistan. Ignoring all together the objections of legal class , new type of three member courts manned by one judge , one bureaucrat and one public representative also need to be created for quick disposal of cases as judiciary has no interest in clearing matters and 19000 cases are pending in supreme court alone and this is last year of this CJ and he has rebuffed PPP to play for his extension it seems . Besides the logic system of judiciary is sometimes not shared by public or other professions . So infested is judiciary itself that a trader cum Qabza rascal of Islamabad who attacked almost physically judges in 2006 , 2009 and two months back was again given bail some times back.

Having praised Nisar's strategy for law and order , there is one statement which concerns and runs contrary to his own stand that is he said , our war is related to our streets not drone attacks !. What does that mean !. Has he got second thoughts !.

If drone is not our war and if supreme court's logic that its juridistion does not extend to tribal areas when tribals asked SC to protect them from drones is accepted that means we have already given up our territory to the historians .

If US is to drone tribal areas and we do not own them too even at supreme court level by this CJ then it means we are encouraging tribals to consider USA as the dominant power in their area and it is to them they are to submit !

Finally if Nisar too is opposed by media or retracts from his strategy of combined attack on forces of division and anrchy , then only a sane army chief can click , be it Rashad or someone else .

If that miltary slot too is not occupied by the man of the hour then that is the end of unified Pakistan , which may not fragment violently but slowly like Mughal empire , all muslim governors asking for more and more autonomy till it became so weak that Marhattas , Sikhs and British Ate them all .

The other day in an interview our celebrated thinker and Khatib Tahir ul Qadri was taling of creating more provinces , more autonomy and power to people etc etc.

Lets see if Nisar can stay on course and survive the forces of anarchy who have "Smelled the blood of Pakistan". No doubt about that .



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To make Strategy one must be capable enough and we have seen the capability of Nisar or you can say PMLN in the Islamabad incident....Sheer ke khal main geddar.


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PMLN leaders ager aik doseray kay sir kay ball he count ker lay tu main samju ga kay inho nay security policy bana dee...jesay Nawazo ...shahbazo Nisar ... sirtaj Aziz kay


Chori Nisar is taking it lightly or he is involved



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وگ لگانے سے کوئی سیانا نہیں بن جاتا اسکے لئے وگ کے نیچے کھوپڑی میں دماغ بھی ضروری ہے


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Can u summarize wt is the strategy?

Read the post a couple of time, you will get a good idea of what he thinks and what he is talking about. He himself was very to the point and brief.

Also I've not said that I totally agree with what he is saying, he is giving his own take on CH Nisar's press conference, take it as such.


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Till now there was no strategy except the beat time , keep US aid going and allowing and orchestrating terrorism to show that we are your partners , the victim partners . Zardari was to be the punching bag to put blame of this strategy which was cooked elsewhere and his role was to own every nonsense , keep earning and enjoying .

Now USA is to go , canal is to dry up and what is left is wild men with guns and loudspeakers and bombers controlled by non muslims and much larger field of battle than what Musharaf and his successor envisioned and we are in trouble.

Nisar's strategy even if not implemented is logically a correct direction and correct pointer as top how to improve things and forces of anarchy which are superficially very respectable are opposing him and lone gunner drama of Islamabad was a ploy to discredit the person and his good but simple plan.

Niazi Hawk

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au hamary liya muslman hona or ALLAH he kafi haa... i wonder will they ask Mulah umer or usama to give them heaven instead of ALLAH ?
sarkaar.........ALLAH ki marzi ky siwa koi kisi ko khuch nhi dy skta..but according 2 words of HOLY QUARAN ALLAH will permit prophets and other noble persons to make recommendations.........i dont consider osama or mullah omer as those ones.........but one must be familiar with islamic concepts before making any comment......:jazak:


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sarkaar.........ALLAH ki marzi ky siwa koi kisi ko khuch nhi dy skta..but according 2 words of HOLY QUARAN ALLAH will permit prophets and other noble persons to make recommendations.........i dont consider osama or mullah omer as those ones.........but one must be familiar with islamic concepts before making any comment......:jazak:
bro plz enlighten me here can u send me the ayats which says what ur saying .. i am not scholar i read Quran lot of times somehow i miss that .. i will be gr8ful if u can send .. thanks