Asad Umars Is his speech at PTI Sit-in on how PMLN Govt Is Failing The Economy, Backed By Stats & Fi


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Re: Asad Umars Telling How PMLN Is Failing The Economy Of Pakistan, Backed By Stats & Figures

Kash ini fact & figures k saath yeh bhi bata deta ke KP ko hum ne aik saal mein kitni taraqqi di hai.


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Mega financial lies of PML-N

Publicly lying that Nawaz Shareef never signed any agreement with Musharraf.

Terming 2 billion Euros bonds as investment.

Declaring 3.3 % GDP growth as 4.1 % in parliament.

And now

Declaring Chinese loan as investment.

Thus proved that "Choor chori sai jai haira phari sai na jai."


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Re: Mega financial lies of PML-N

one thing well all should be sure about now.. and this is.. PMLN are professional and khandaani liars

so dont believe anything they say or claim... until u investigate and find proof yourself...


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What an intellectual and a great person he is..sacrificed his 5.7 million job and doing good politics for the people of Pakistan...