Arif Nizami criticises govt for filing reference against SC judges

Nikita Chaudhry

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he is the son of a great man and he just could not let his conscious sleep in return of few million rupees and Govt job in support of FA Pass General's onslaught of a noble man Justice Qazi Faiz Essa through the hand of Altaf Hussain's operative Farough Naseem when the Puppet Prime Minister who once claimed to be protector of INSAF is high sleep on Cocaine and a Peerni

"...termination from service does not absolve the Generals from civil and criminal liability..."
SC Justice Qazi Faiz Essa

NLC Corruption Case
(Aug 18, 2015)

GHQ has long argued that "Army has its own mechanism to investigate and punish (read protect) its own service members (even in civilian matters)

Dr Adam

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دو ٹکے کا یہ نظامی ناسور لفافہ پاکستان کے ہر کرپٹ شخص

کا ترجمان بن کر رہ گیا ہے . مجید نظامی نے نوائے وقت کے کارکنوں

.سے پھینٹی لگوا کر ٹھیک نکالا تھا اسے اپنے اخبار سے


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yeh bndaa yaa bnda numma ki cheez apnay naam ke saath ح ر کی جگھ ن ز kion lagata hai achha khaas suitable naam h....mi hai iskaa