Allah warned it in Quran what our Rulers have been doing including Judges


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Surah 102 AL-TAKAASUR-Way of life based upon foundation of negative competition whereby you compete against each other for more and more personal gains at the expense of each other causes disputes, divisions, rivalries, animosities, conflicts and wars among yourselves which result in your destructions by hands of each other therefore become a proper human community in a kingdom for living on basis of way of life advised by Allah for ensuring your well being with help and full support of each other.

This surah is named AL-TAKAASUR from root KAAF, SAA and RAA. Concrete meaning of this root is something that is plentiful or abundant in quantity or amount. Also it means many, to happen frequently, to increase in quantity or amount or size or weight etc, to gather or hoard, to take due or undue pride in children or wealth, river, fountain, sea of knowledge, ample knowledge, lighthouse, floodlight, goodness, riches, wealth, to try to be rich or try to be rich at each other’s expense, to try to help each other become rich and wealthy, to outnumber, to outdo each other negatively or positively, to try to dominate or undermine each other for good or for bad etc etc.

This surah is named AL-TAKAASUR because throughout the Quran, the Quran constantly and consistently talks about two opposing ways of life whereby people decide to live their lives in this world and the end results of living by those ways of life for mankind. One way of life is invented by people themselves which they based upon foundation of personal gains at the expense of each other whereby they compete against each other negatively to try to beat each other in having control over each other as well as over things this world has to offer. In living on basis of this way of life they end up harming or destroying each other. This is why the Quran draws their attention to these harmful and destructive results of their this way of life and tells them to learn sense and leave this way of life and instead adopt the way of life advised by God. In other surahs the Quran explains why God advised the way of life that is best possible for human beings to live by. Why God stops people from living on basis of their self invented way of life is because this idea of personal gains at the expense of each other stops people from ever becoming a proper human family in a place or a proper community in a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah. A family or a community that ensures well being of each other with help and full support of each other. Not only that but way of life based personal gains at the expense of each other leads to all sorts of disputes, divisions, rivalries, animosities, fights and even major wars between people as individuals and as small and large groups and the end result is harm and destruction of humanity in many different ways. This is the main reason for fractures or break down in human relationships between individuals and groups and a major cause of trust deficit between people. It is a major obstacle in the way of unity of mankind therefore in the way of their peaceful existence with each other and for that reason this way of life limits their progress and prosperity to a greatest possible degree because each and every person or group tries to overrun or over take the weaker or disadvantaged person or group to use it abusively for furthering its own negative agenda. It is the way whereby people try to dominate or undermine each other as individuals and as groups so the world becomes worse and worse as time marches on instead of becoming better and better. The Quran tries to make people think as to where they are heading or where all this is going to land humanity or where the humanity is going to end up if they will continue going along this way of life. However the time will come when people will be forced by their self created situations and circumstances to get out of the hell of their own making and that is when the Quranic message will strike accord with mankind and help them save themselves from total destruction by hands of each other if people do not become sensible through giving due importance to proper education and learning long before reaching this terrible end. The Quranic way of life can help humanity at any time mankind turn to it for its guidance. The Quran constantly gives hope to humanity for a better world whenever they are ready for it. It clearly states repeatedly that one day this world will become a paradise by making of human beings themselves, so there is no chance of world ending in a bad way at all as priestly classes of all religions will have us believe. As humanity wakes up to real world realities more and more there is less and less chance of people entering world wars or nuclear wars. People have been fighting for freedom from control of each other as well as for betterment of each other so world has been moving in right direction always be it at a very slow pace.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] O mankind, you have fallen into trap of negative competition against each other for controlling each other through control over land and resources, means of production and distribution

2] so much so that you are driving each other to destruction.

3] But not for long because soon you will come face to face with results of doing all this to each other,

4] For sure, soon you will come to see the result of doing all this to each other.

5] The fact is, if you will bother to learn and understand Our revealed information properly for ensuring your blissful, dignified and secure existence then you will also learn from experiences of others who are already in this situation that what you are told will come true in time to come.

6] If you will not bother to learn and do what is proper for you then you will certainly see the hell of your own making by personally experiencing it,

7] Certainly in that case you will see all this happening to you personally by your own eyes

8] it is then that you people will sincerely demand of each other at the time for implementation of blissful program of Allah for you in form of the Quran to get yourselves out of this situation to become united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous as a proper human community in a kingdom.

This surah is very powerful in its expression because it makes people journey through how things are going to become changed in this world for the betterment of mankind. If people will not follow revealed guidance of Allah through learning and teaching it properly to each other then life experiences of people will force them into educating themselves and each other the hard way. It is very true that people who fool about or show laziness suddenly get up and go when life forces them to do things because then the choice is only life or death. Sensible people never wait for that situation to arrive or arise to get up and do things rather they do them because they see sense in doing so long before that time. So any people who wish to have a best possible life in this world must learn to live by way of life advised by the Quran as deen of Islam. No other way of life can ever give humanity such a great life in this world therefore all people must give up harmful and destructive idea of living for themselves at the expense of each other and adopt the idea put forth by the Quran, which is living for ensuring well being of each other as a proper human community in a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah.