Al-Qaeda and ISIS presence, reality or fascination in Indian occupied Kashmir


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SRINAGAR -Government of India and many political parties have expressed concern over the ongoing efforts of separation of armed movement in India for the last three decades in Kashmir-based Al-Qaeda and the efforts of Islamic State and Islamic State.

The parties demanding exaggeration say that movement of Kashmiri movement is their own movement and movement played in the historical background of Kashmir, which has no international agenda, so there is no such status of organizations such as Government of Islam or Al-Qaeda. There is no existence nor will it accept Kashmir's independence people.

During the second week of May, a local militant group Ashfaq Ahmed Sufi was killed by the Indian security forces during a clash in southern Shipan Shippan province, news agency 'Amimaq' after the killing of a resident of India or India. I claimed to establish a single province, but Indian-administered Kashmir officials declared it just as a propaganda, whose aim is to say their fallen credibility due to the backing of the group's fighters in Iraq and Syria. To save

According to officials, during the last two years in Kashmir, only seven local youths were associated with the Islamic State. Six of them were killed in security contests at security forces in various places, according to officials claiming that their seventh partner has joined another military organization, active in Indian Kashmir. However, the authorities acknowledge that there are ideological affiliations with the Islamic State and are present in the youth valley and many other youth are being tried to extremism.

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