Aitzaz Ahsan Telling Truth Just 9 months Ago against Baadshah Salamat


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  • Publication date : 12/20/2013



Chief Minister (5k+ posts)

Aitezaz Vs Dar sulah hoi theee
ub Aitezaz vs Nisar

pata nahin sulah kin terms pe hoti hai..


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Pakistan has very big names in the fields of law and human rights (e.g A Jehangir) but when we closely look at their role it does not seem to be very much encouraging. Although they boost about their past but when we look at their current role it is not in the favour of poor Pakistanis. For example, during the PNA demonstrations against the alleged rigging of elections by the PPP government in 1977, the police opened fire on a lawyers rally in Lahore. Aitzaz, who was a provincial minister in the Punjab Cabinet at the time, resigned in protest. He was subsequently also expelled from the People's Party for this act of insubordination but why is he not showing any resistance against election rigging now. Whenever there is a ray of hope that any big fish (Zardari, N Sharif, BB) will be caught in Pakistan these so called lawyers and human right activists become hurdle and act as their defence lawyers.



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نون لیک کے منافق دانشور حاضر ہوں اور ادبی انداز میں گالی گلوچ شرو کریں
اب بتاؤ کون سا چور کیسے کب اور اب کیسے بچا رہا ہے


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Yea khud be dramaybaz ha akhar kaar sab choor corruption bachane keliay akathay hain na aur unko akatha kerne me be Ehtizaz Ahsan ka bera kardar ha...
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