Aisi Ke Taisi By Seige - Best song of WC 2011

swisspak - Blogger
Its made for India, "saala akkha india ki waat lgane ko apun ke bhai log aa le rayyy.....(clap)"


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ugly bandar uchal rahe hain. what is this btw??? so cheap class. sucks bigggg time. Jazba is much better.


MPA (400+ posts)
Raymond Davis poori qoom ki aisee ki taisee kargaya aur hum ganain gatay reh gaye bas! hamari taqdeer bhi aisee ki taisee hai shayaad.


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bloody burger family junks and druggist. we pakistani like this? no way

no we dont like this but we like indian sofcore watching everyday in our houses with our families right???? all bhajang during indian dramas and films are okay for all pakistanies but these guys are druggist...may be you dont like this but I like this and this is the best song in this WC..go first throw out calbes and indian channels and then comment like you did