Access to US chopper: Report extremely absurd, says China ???????


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Access to US chopper: Report extremely absurd, says China
Posted: 16 Aug 2011 09:07 PM PDT
China on Tuesday dismissed a report that Pakistan gave it access to an advanced US stealth helicopter that crashed during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May.
During the May 2 raid, one of two Blackhawk helicopters, believed to use advanced stealth technology, crashed, forcing US commandos to abandon it. The Financial Times reported on Sunday that Pakistani authorities gave China access to the wreckage, despite CIA requests to Islamabad to keep the wreckage under wraps.
Chinas ministry of defence denied this in a one-sentence statement, Beijings first public response to the report.
This report is totally unfounded and extremely absurd, said the statement on the ministrys website.
Pakistans Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate also earlier denied the report.
The Financial Times said Pakistan allowed Chinese intelligence officials to take pictures of the crashed helicopter and take samples of its special skin that helped the American raid evade Pakistani radar.
One US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, earlier told Reuters there was reason to believe Pakistan had allowed the Chinese to inspect the aircraft. But the official could not confirm with certainty that this had happened.​




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next time better don't enter in our territory... this the biggest example in modern days of "CHOORI AND PHIR SEENA ZOORI" ... its not that USA is evil but such attitude is evil when they treat other like dogs ... and this is why whole world hates them and (clap) happy on their demise in Afghanistan ... can they name one country other then israel with whom they have friendly relations ... UK comes into mind but thats the govt: and that also blair ... but if you ask english people they cannot take Americans even for 5 min.


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China is one the best allies of Pakistan eversince Pakistan existed but in this issue important thing is that ISPR denied the report published in some newspaper in US but Pakitsani government is still hush on such subject actually it is the duty of current government to step forward and handle the situation where is our most attractive and beauty queen Miss Foreign Minister as was declared in India but they are always reluctant in these matters of interest and so many times it created embarrassment internationally but government is busy in thinking about and creating hurdles and obstacles in NICL scandal they have no time for such issues
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