پی ٹی آئی سے پی پی تک حسن نثار


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Its sad to see that everyone in Pakistan loves to misuse its powers or authority. Journalists and media are playing with the sentiments of the people of Pakistan. But there is nothing which can control humanity completely other than Allah. At the end of the day, every human being is equipped with his her own consciousness, he she has to evaluate and make his her own decisions and understandings of what is happening. As being an active member of the party, volunteer, supporter of PTI. I know how everyone was fighting for tickets. And at an occasion Imran Khan said that it seems totally impossible to allot a ticket to anyone without making some others angry about it because they didn't get the ticket. Also he regretted that he trusted his party officials (newly elected) for sorting out the applicants. And next time he will alot each and every ticket after interviewing the candidate himself.


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Re: PTI se PPP tak- Hasan Nisar

I would say, he is a totally confused writer.

Agreed He is Confused At The Moment I Think His Memory is Very Poor Both Other Parties Already Governed Many Times and Both Are Against Only IK They Are Not afraid Of their Members

When They Accept The Top Leader ship is Clean Then Why They Dont Give Him Time Whereas Corrupt Parties are Still Being Praised