1. angryoldman

    Islamic scholars should get trained to face media - Zakir Naik

  2. PkRevolution

    Kyani sahb!!! Ye Kia ho raha he??? Osama Failure? PNS Mehran? Afghan Attack 700-800 militants ISAF t

    Kyani Sahb!! Pakistani Qome ka ek Beta ap se Guzarish kerta he ke It is high time to announce U-Turn on War on Terror. We have enough of it. Please announce U-Turn on WOT. I think you have no other choice left. If you want pakistani nation stand behind Pak. forces you must do this right now.
  3. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Special Interview : Teenage suicide bomber Who Attacked Sakhi Sarwar shrine - '350 suicide bombers b

    '350 suicide bombers being trained in NW' Published: April 8, 2011 Arrested Sakhi Sarwar bomber reveals Arabs, Uzbeks and Tajiks are amongst the militants in Mir Ali. PHOTO: REUTERS The suicide bomber, who was caught alive from inside the Sakhi Sarwar Shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan a few days...