1. Munawarkhan

    What does it mean when ECP suspends lawmakers?

    There was a recent news where ECP suspended 336 lawmakers "ECP suspends membership of 336 lawmakers over non-disclosure of assets" Source Now my sincere question is what does it mean when a member is suspended?? I have attached a few links below started from the current one and then the ones...
  2. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 5th July 2011 - kamil Ali Agha & Siddiq al Farooq - To Suspend of Zafar Qureshi is L

  3. canadian

    US lawmakers threaten to suspend aid to Pakistan !!!

    US lawmakers threaten to suspend aid By Anwar Iqbal | From the Newspaper (44 minutes ago) Today Senator John McCain, however, advised the US not to sever ties with Islamabad.Reuters photo WASHINGTON: Senior US Congressional leaders urged the Obama administration on Tuesday to...