1. gazoomartian

    Huge reserves of tight gas in Sui, NA informed

    Gazoo Notes: Alhamdulillah. Lets just hope that the minister is not create a hype because I dont think he has the resources to ensure the discovery. But non-the-less lets all hope for that, Ameen ISLAMABAD: In what could cheer up Pakistan about the future in present times of energy shortages...
  2. gazoomartian

    Over 5,000 Baloch to become part of army: Kayani / COAS intents to pull out troops from Sui

    Gazoo's Note: I welcome this move. An army should comprise of qualified individual from all parts of the country, not just from Punjab. shabash general saheb. Now expand this to other provinces that do not have proper presentation in the forces. Adapted from Dawn: GWADAR: Army Chief...

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