1. E

    Murdered journalist's findings show Al Qaeda is winning in nuclear Pakistan more effectively than in Comment By Khaled...
  2. Ammad Hafeez

    Pakistan believes in humanity : Altaf Hussain (Message to India)

  3. Geek

    Pakistani hostages released by Somali pirates

    The Pakistani hostages under captivity of Somali pirates were released on Monday after persistent negotiations that lasted for months. The captives were released after ransom money of $2.1 million was paid to the pirates. The amount was collected in collaboration with the Ansar Burney Trust, the...
  4. gazoomartian

    US Hints Troops Deployment in Somalia

    Gazoo Note: This is how they start. First they place scare in the hearts n minds of the poor gullible and unsuspecting Americans and Europeans. Then justify the invasion. Then they destroy the country and leave....... CIA invents another conspiracy theory Adapted from Dawn Somali militants...
  5. Kanwal

    Please imran khan listen to it Please - Help your Pakistani brothers who are trapped in Somalia