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    Shehbaz Sharif demands for public execution of Zainab's murderer

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    NAB Should Do Accountability No Politics - Shehbaz Sharif Criticizes NAB

    Appeared before NAB for supremacy of law, says Shehbaz Sharif
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    If you elected PMLN we will bring Zardari's money back from every corner of world, and do developmen

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    There's No Difference Between the Mentality of Taliban & Shehbaz Sharif - Fawad Chaudhry

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    Dr Yasmin Rashid's Take on Sharif Brothers' Saudi Arab Visit

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    Shehbaz Sharif, Gaaon K Saray Chaudhry Mar Jaen Lekin Tum Chaudhry Nhi ban Sakte - Sheikh Rasheed

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    CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif ordered to "Deal With" the protesters at Model Town

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    How Sharifs abuse bureaucracy, shocking revelations by Ex Bureaucrat

    In 2008, when Zardari was president, Nawaz Sharif used to have his own secretariat but the most interesting part is the kind of discussions their meetings used to have: 2396049130621310
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    Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Exclusive Media Talk from airplane on arrival

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    Iss report ko dekhne kay baad aap bhi kahenge "Go Shehbaz Go"!

    Shehbaz Sharif, brother of Nawaz Sharif, has been nominated for the next Prime Minister. Shehbaz is as corrupt as Nawaz or may be more. This report covers few areas where Shehbaz has done corruption, after watching this report, you will not only agree with the titles they have been given...
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    Nabil Gabol reveals the name of the person who offered Imran Khan 10 Billion Rupees

    Prominent politician who recently joined PPP says that Shapes Gym owner who is mutual friend of Imran Khan and Shehbaz Sharif brought this 10billion rupees message to Imran Khan. Is he guessing this or knows for sure...your guess is as good as mine 857685884526657536 857704007195807745...
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    Aftab Iqbal and His Team Making Fun of Dolphin Force and CM Punjab!

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    Most of development budget of Punjab spending on Lahore only - Aftab Iqbal talks about Expenses of C

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    اگر 2018ء تک لوڈ شیڈنگ ختم نہ کی تو ۔۔۔

    نومبر سے پہلے اعلان کیا گیا کہ اب لوڈشیڈنگ آدھی کردی جائے گی مگر یہ صرف دعویٰ ہی رہا جو دو ماہ بھی مکمل نہ کر سکا۔۔۔ خیر دوستوں اور عزیز ہم وطنوں کو دل کی گہرائیوں سے لوڈ شیڈنگ مبارک ہو۔۔۔ویسے تو اس قوم کی یادداشت ذرا کمزور ہے لیکن دوستوں کو وہ سیاسی بیان تو ابھی امید ہے نہیں بھولیں ہونگے۔۔۔۔...
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    See How CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif Spent his Eid Day [6-July-2016]

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    Shahbaz Sharif's video message before budget

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    Is It an End of Patwari System?

    Is it really an end of patwari system or another bluff by shehbaz sharif? 1062260937145845
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    Shehbaz Sharif responds to Ali Zafar's question on education

    Shehbaz Sharif responds to Ali Zafar's question on education 704701054538149888 :):):)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap):):):):);)
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    After Laptop Distribution Scheme, Here Is The New (Cattle) Distribution In Punjab From CM Shehbaz Sh

  20. Matie Khan

    CM Shehbaz Sharif Will Answer Questions On Social Media (Facebook) . . Is He Gonna Copy Imran Khan (