1. The_Choice

    You Dont Own The Masjid

    An emotional reminder from Mohammad Hoblos to always be welcoming to those who enter the Masjid. Remember it is not your House, but Allahs. They are not your guests, but Allahs.
  2. The_Choice

    One of the best Khutba - Bilal Assad

  3. MileStone

    Practical Steps to Develop Khushoo' in Salah - Meaningful Prayer Prologue - MUST WATCH

    Sorry for the long video, but I think, watching this video carefully will help us improve our Salah. Jazak'Allah Khairan. AbdulNasir Jangda was born in 1979 in Ft. Worth, TX. He was raised in Arlington, TX. At the age of 10 he went to Karachi, Pakistan to memorize the Holy Quran. He excelled...
  4. QaiserMirza

    No excuse for missing salah

    NO EXCUSE FOR MISSING SALAH Look at this kid ...... he is not a normal kid and he is thanking Allah for everything he has ..... look at us who are perfectly normal and we have forgotten Allah .... SHAME ON US !!! MAY ALLAH ACCEPT ALL OF US IN HIS WAY and live according to what he wants...
  5. [AM]

    Amazing Quran Reciter - Sheakh Muhammad Salah Nafea

    Asalaamu Alaikum Sheakh Muhammad Salah Nafea , listen him, MashaAllah very good voice and reciter.