1. alis

    Pakistani banking sector needs an overhaul

    Do you know that for your to transfer money from a account in europe/UK and transfer it to money exchanger and for them to transfer it to Pakistan take less than 1 minute usually and then for Pakistanis to only show that amount in your account, they need 1-4 business days. They cry about...
  2. M Ali Khan

    Remittances to India

    Dawn Editorial from today for our #4thMostIntelligentNation EVER so often an absurd piece of information tends to go viral and sparks theory construction on an epic scale. Most recently there is the example of a report, hosted on the World Bank website, which uses a model based on the stock...
  3. canadian

    Remittances Of Oversea's Pakistanis Cross US 10 Billion Mark !!!!

    According to a latest report the remittances sent home by overseas Pakistani's have now crossed US $ 10 billion for the first time in our Country's history. A recent report suggests that most of these remittances were spent on consumption(62%)while some(35%) were either invested or saved by...
  4. canadian

    In Pakistan, remittances from abroad radically change lives !!!

    In Pakistan, remittances from abroad radically change lives Cash remittances from abroad help Pakistani families educate children, build up savings and improve the quality of their lives By IRIN, for the Guardian Development Network, Monday 7 March 2011 07.00 GMT Pakistani...

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