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    Report about Donors and 'intellectuals' who pushed Islamophobia into the mainstream America

    Who funds Muslim-baiting in the US? A new report details how a small group of donors and 'intellectuals' have pushed Islamophobia into the mainstream. Some US politicans have tried to stoke fear against Muslim communities [GALLO/GETTY] It has been just about a decade since Islamophobia...
  2. canadian

    Indian Thinking....... Rawalpindi Pushed To The Wall,A Window for Delhi...!!

    Rawalpindi Pushed to the Wall, a Window for DelhiBy C. Raja Mohan The execution of Osama bin Laden by US forces early this morning puts the Pakistan Army on the defensive, allows Washington to redefine the strategic calculus of Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, and provides an opportunity for India to...