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    فضل الرحمان کبھی وزیراعظم نہیں بن سکتے،کارکنان بھی ناامید،،وجہ جانئے

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    وزیراعظم نے حامد میر کو ان فالو کیوں کیا؟ سنیے صدیق جان سے

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    1 din mn 2 achi khabren, shukria imran khan

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    PM Imran Khan complete speech at Pak-China economic forum, Beijing l 28 April 2019

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    PM Khan second meeting with Governor Punjab Postponed: Source

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    Will Imran Khan be the next prime minister? Listen Arif Hameed Bhatti's Analysis

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    Prime Minister Imran Khan Confirmed After Massive Public Response From Punjab?

    Today, Imran Khan visited Gujrat and Some Small cities of Punjab for membership campaign. He visited different membership camps and every single camp became a Jalsa Gah. The massive public response from Punjab is something which Imran Khan really wanted. And it seems that he has finally got it...
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    Parliament cannot legislate in against Constitution, Chief Justice repiled to Prime Minister

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    Chitral: Prime Minister speech in power project opening ceremony.

    Chitral: Prime Minister speech in power project opening ceremony. 1653903634659122
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    Shehbaz Sharif, Gaaon K Saray Chaudhry Mar Jaen Lekin Tum Chaudhry Nhi ban Sakte - Sheikh Rasheed

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    Voting PMLN in the eyes of Nawaz Sharif

    According to Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif the Country had a negative impact of his disqualification. He thinks that Pakistan has lost in every aspect. He establishes the fact by arguing that Economy and law and order situation has been worsened since him being disqualified by the Supreme...
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    NAB Rawalpindi ka case peshi Lahore office main kiun? Dr. Maria explians

    Hussain, Hasan aur Nawaz Sharif ki NAB main peshi per sawaal ye uthta hai kay case NAB Rawalpindi ka hai per peshi NAB Lahore main? Akhir kiun NAB Sharif family kay samne ghulamana andaz se baat ker rahi hai halankay BB Shaheed ko toh ek peshi Islamabad main deni pari thi phir dusri usi din...
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    ECP ke notice ke mutabiq Nawaz Sharif pichhle 4 saal se Wazeer-e-Azam NAHI thay!

    Election Commission of Pakistan nay Supreme Court kay faislay kay baad aaj jo notice Mian Nawaz Sharif ko bheja hai, uske mutabiq Nawaz Sharif 22 May, 2013 se National Assembly ki koi nashist kay beneficiary nahin! Tau sawwal ye paida hota hai kay kiya Nawaz Sharif ko Wazeer e Azam ki bahasiat...
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    Tum intehai third class aur giray huwe aadmi ho - Dr. Danish bashed PM Azad Kashmir Raja Faruq Haide

    On his recent controversial statement, Prime Minister Azad Kashmir, Raja Faruq Haider is being widely criticised. Dr Danish also bashed him in his show saying he has let all the Kashmiris down: 1093149474151463
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    Iss report ko dekhne kay baad aap bhi kahenge "Go Shehbaz Go"!

    Shehbaz Sharif, brother of Nawaz Sharif, has been nominated for the next Prime Minister. Shehbaz is as corrupt as Nawaz or may be more. This report covers few areas where Shehbaz has done corruption, after watching this report, you will not only agree with the titles they have been given...
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    شہباز شریف کا وزیراعظم بننا ماڈل ٹاؤن ورثا کے لئے شدید ذہنی صدمہ ہے - خرم گنڈاپور

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    Why does Nawaz Sharif want Khawaja Asif to be PM? Dr. Danish Explains

    Last night Dr. Danish Tweeted that Nawaz Sharif wants to make Khawaja Asif the Prime Minister to send a message to the army: 889552181044670464 889552970764910596 889556882733633536 889559700647424001 After these Tweets raised a concern on social media, Dr. Danish in today's Pak Insaf Kay...
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    Ramadan Mubarak message from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Beautiful Message from a Genuine Leader)

    Nothing but respect for this guy!! 1120094884717310
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    Imran Khan's Jalsa was Successful - Sheikkh Rasheed

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    NAWAZ SHARIF 2016 Latest Interview (Funny) - GHAIR SIASI

    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:(serious):lol::lol:: lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: