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    How to do propaganda?

    1. Stay quiet after NCA UK declares officially that recovery on UK assets ( one of which was sold by Hassan Nawaz to Malik Riaz before Panama Verdict and which was) acquired through laundered money will be returned to Pakistan. 2. Wait for Malik Riaz and Mariam Nawaz's messages 3. Launch...
  2. A

    پیپلزپارٹی اور ن لیگ پارٹی فنڈنگ کیس سے کیوں بھاگ رہی ہیں؟

  3. Siasi Jasoos

    Dr Moeed Pirzada's respond on Shahzad Akbar's press conference

  4. Siasi Jasoos

    Court extends Hamza Shahbaz's judicial remand for 14 days

    LAHORE – An Accountability Court (AC) in Lahore has on Thursday extended Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz’s judicial remand for 14 days. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader was produced before the court by officials from the Kot Lakhpat Jail after his...
  5. ZararAhmad

    How did the failure of the Dharna succeed Imran Khan? KhabarGaam

  6. ZararAhmad

    The PML-N is caught in its own trap - KhabarGaam


    Babri Mosque Verdict: Javed Ghamidi answers

    does he support the verdict ?
  8. Siasi Jasoos

    Asad Umar strong reaction on Nawaz Sharif ECL verdict

  9. CCTV Pakistan

    فضل الرحمان نے دھرنے سے کیا پایا کیا کیا کھویا؟ وزیراعظم کے معاون خصوصی افتخار درانی سے سنیں

  10. Siasi Jasoos

    LHC Postpones Hearing Of Plea To Remove Nawaz’s Name From ECL

    LAHORE – A two-member bench of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday postponed hearing of the plea seeking removal of the name of former premier Nawaz Sharif from the exit control list (ECL) unconditionally for one hour on Friday. A two member bench of the LHC will resume hearing shortly. The...
  11. S

    مسلم لیگ ن کا عمران خان کیخلاف اصل گیم پلان کیا۔؟جانیئے اندرونی کہانی

  12. S

    Maulana Ko Safe Exit Kis Ne Dia? Inside Story

  13. S

    ڈیل کی خبر سچ ثابت،مولانا کی کیا ڈیل ہوئی؟کارکنان کیا کہتے ہیں؟سنیں

  14. S

    تاریخی ڈیل طے ہو گئی،کتنے کھرب ملیں گے؟؟سنیں معروف خاتون اینکر کے انکشافات

  15. Siasi Jasoos

    Cabinet approves to remove Nawaz Sharif name from ECL on condition

  16. S

    نوازشریف کی لندن یاترا۔۔اداروں نے ہتھیار ڈال دیئے۔۔تفصیلات سنیں ساجد گوندل سے

  17. arshadsalim

    اسلام آباد دھرنا والوں پہ قیامت صغرہ

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