1. M Ali Khan

    پشتون تحفظ مومنٹ سے خوفزدہ ریاست کا المیہ

    ڈاکٹر برکت شاہ کاکڑ 11 مارچ 2018 | 10:19 صبح ابھی گذشتہ جمعرات کی بات ہے فون پر ایک برخور دار نے سلام کے بعد پوچھا، ’لالا پشتون کلچر ڈے کب ہے؟‘ میں نے چونکتے ہوئے پوچھا ’کیوں؟‘، بولا ’ایسے ہی‘۔میں جان گیا کہ ہو نہ ہو یہ تین مارچ کو بلوچ کلچر ڈے کے جواب میں کچھ کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔ آخر صوبہ بلوچستان...
  2. Y

    Pashtun General crushes anti Pakistan propaganda

    Our enemies are trying to play ethnicity card on us, Pakistanis must stand united against fight against corruption. 818801124927469
  3. Rathore

    Khyber Flash Point Karachi, Pashtun & MQM: Gulfaraz Khattak

  4. A

    Partiality of Pakistani Media, are pashtun part of Pakistan

    I was following the news of the 4 Pakistani released by Somali pirates, there were 3 from Karachi and one from Swat, the news of those 3 from Karachi was a big highlight of the day by the media but i did not hear anything from there mouth about the third person and now i found out that he was...
  5. Geek

    FOR ANYBODY INTERESTED - Complete Pashtun History

  6. hans

    Pakistani Pashtun Tribe Rises Up Against Extremists

    April 20, 2011 By Majeed Babar, Charles Recknagel What does it take for a Pashtun tribe in Pakistan to rise up against an extremist militia? The case of the Zakhakhel tribe in the Khyber Tribal Agency may provide an answer. This month, the tribe came to blows with the fundamentalist...