1. B

    World's largest women-only university opens in Saudi Arabia

    Bravo King Abdullah! First hand shake (omg) ! What next? May be a hug!!!!!!!!:lol:
  2. simple_and_peacefull

    Hotel made of rubbish opens in Madrid

    hotel made entirely of rubbish has opened in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The walls of the Beach Garbage Hotel are covered with detritus deposited by the tide in Europe, waste found at dumps and items bought at flea markets. German artist Ha Schult built the five-bedroom hotel in the...
  3. Adeel

    "Do not fix the semi final" : Rahman Malik - Does this guy ever think before he opens up his mouth?

    WHAT A MORON! Way to go Mr malik, you've really lifted team's morale. Doesnt this idiot know when to shut his trap? Lahore: Pakistan Interior Minister warns cricket team not to indulge in match-fixing. Rehman Malik told Shahid Afrid's men that any such allegations if any after the...