1. 1-Man-Army

    Inqilab aur MQM ka Taal Mail

  2. crankthskunk

    E- mail sent to Hamid Mir: on Zardari's speech

    Mr. Mir I am writing in response to your yesterday’s TV program on Geo. You and your guests discussed the speech of Mr. Zardari (sorry I cannot bestow the title of President on him. Someday I may provide you detailed reasons), in which he accused Pakistani media. One of his complaints is why...
  3. Skeptic

    Fenugreek (---Meethi--- ) Powerful natural herb for male : Daily Mail UK

    Herbs used in curries can spice things up in the bedroom By DR ALISON SMITH Last updated at 2:03 AM on 19th June 2011 A herb widely used in curries may also help spice things up outside of the kitchen. New research suggests that fenugreek, which is found throughout Asia, may improve...
  4. Geek

    Urgent mail delivered in Pakistan after 20 years

    An urgent mail sent from Pakistan's Toba Tek Singh town to Karachi in 1991 has finally been delivered. The urgent mail reached Wednesday, Dawn reported Thursday. Rafiq Chishti, who had waited endlessly to receive the mail, said his parents had sent his academic certificates to him in...