1. H

    Smartphone Marketshare Worldwide - Google's Android taking a long lead

  2. ealtaf

    UBS: Euro Collapse Could Lead To Martial Law, Civil War

    Posted on Pakalert on September 8, 2011 Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet In a similar vein to how Hank Paulson threatened martial law on the streets of America if the bailout failed to pass, top banks like UBS are now warning of authoritarian or military government and civil war in a bid to...
  3. Geek

    Can Imran Khan Save Pakistan? 'Yes' say the People, 'No' say the Cronies - Joel Faulkner Rogers

    If Pakistani elections were a genuine popularity contest, then you might assume the country's next leader will be Imran Khan, the philanthropist and former cricket star who has formed his own political party, "Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf" (PTI). In a recent opinion poll conducted in Pakistan by...
  4. IndiaGuy

    As China looms, US tells India to lead Asia

    "It's time to lead." With these four words Hillary Clinton underlined why the relationship with the US is so important for India. Among all emerging economies, India is the one whose potential as a global player commands the most enthusiasm from Washington. Speaking in Chennai, the US...
  5. P

    leaders are meant to lead one step ahead like imran

  6. maksyed

    Holy Prophet (PBUH) in dream asked Jinnah to lead Muslims

    Holy Prophet (PBUH) in dream asked Jinnah to lead Muslims POSTED IN: HEADLINE, THE JINNAH ARTICLES Interview Ashraf Ansari Quaid related his dream to Allama Usmani, Chaudry Fazl-e-Haque quotes Usmani IslamabadAs against general impression that the Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had...
  7. PkRevolution

    Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif and Syed Munawar Hassan come forward and lead the nation!!!!!!!

    PPP, MQM, ANP, Other league Parties are Anti Pakistani parties. * Imran Khan should lead the move. * Nawaz Sharif should sorry first nation for waisting our time. And then join co effort. * Jamat e Islami should get a chance We have no much time left. Imran and Nawaz come forward and lead...
  8. saeed khan

    Who should lead Pakistan now?

    Being just a Pakistani I think now we need a leader who has respect not only inside the country but also internationally specially the in West. Now US and UK do not believe on our leaders whether civil or miletry and their strong media is with them. We need a leader who can talk to US president...
  9. E

    Al Qaeda central: All roads lead to Karachi

    Al Qaeda central: All roads lead to Karachi By Saba Imtiaz Published: May 1, 2011 Al Qaeda chose Karachi as the workshop for its media and financial operations, strategic planning and hideout. PHOTO: FILE/AFP KARACHI: On September 11, 2001, four al Qaeda operatives in Karachi watched...
  10. Aaj Ki Baat

    Aaj Ki Baat - 12th March 2011 - Sharjeel memon - Political Differences Lead To Instbalitiy & Bad Gov

  11. Adeel

    Bilawal Don't Give A Damn About Pakistan But Wants to Lead?

  12. A

    Who is the leader to lead the country right now?

    Which One leader do you think can best handle the problems Pakistan facing?

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