1. The_Choice

    Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis | Full Documentary

    Subhan'Allah, we know that Riba (interest, giving and taking) is Haram, but we are seeing its harmful and dangerous affects manifesting all around us. It's not only affecting individuals, but bringing whole nations to their knees to worship at the alter of this great deception. This eyeopening...
  2. The_Choice

    Why Interest (Riba) is forbidden (Haram) in Islam (Tafseer of Ayat of Riba)

    Why Interest (Riba) is forbidden (Haram) in Islam (Understanding The Financial Crisis--For Non / Muslims)
  3. junaids

    Free from debt: Faithful Muslims live full life without paying any interest Free from debt: Faithful Muslims live full life without paying any interest Published: Friday, Aug. 19, 2011 7:05 p.m. MDT By Hal Boyd, Deseret News 0 comments...
  4. jhootaylog

    Former DG IB Says N-League Against National Interest

    He said, The political culture (in Pakistan) is infested with the fatal symptoms of self-centralism, greed, lust for power and instinct of circumventing the democratic principles as well as personality orientation in handling of national issues. In this perspective, I had always found the...
  5. Bilal_Mushi

    MQM and PML(N) : when they fight or when they unite is it only for National Interest?

  6. qamar_zaman

    MQM left Government for his own interest or for the sake of people?

    It is pity for us that here in our country when ever government is formed or disolved due to the personal likings and dislikings of politicians they merge meet and sit together to support their own personal interests and left when they feel their interests are not being addressed by the ruling...