1. To The Point

    To The Point - 3rd September 2011 - Special Interview with Zulifqar Mirza.

  2. IndiaGuy

    No restrictions on Altaf Hussains movement: British HC

    ISLAMABAD: The British High Commissioner Adam Thomson said Monday that MQM chief Altaf Hussain is a free citizen and no restrictions have been made on his movement, DawnNews reported. Reports of Altaf Hussains arrest are false whereas Imran Farooqs murder case investigation will be completed...
  3. A

    Living in the past? - A colonial mindset was once again reflected in Altaf Hussains remarks By:Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad A colonial mindset was once again reflected in Altaf Hussains remarks on Wednesday. There was the usual attitude of looking down upon the people of Sindh who welcomed millions of refugees with open arms in 1947...
  4. mrcritic

    Altaf Hussains book My Lifes Journey launched - HILARIOUS LINES

    Karachi—The launching ceremony of the book “My Life’s Journey” containing the autobiographical account of the initial struggle of the founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain was held at a local hotel in Karachi. Noted personalities from different walks of life...
  5. mrcritic

    ALTAF HUSSAINS letter to TONY BLAIR - 2001 (abh khudi andaza luga lo!)

    In other words, if you’re in the intellgience business, Hotel Altaf offers a range of proven services specifically designed to meet your intelligence needs*. Working together with major intelligence agencies, Hotel Altaf is dedicated to providing each customer with the best solution it can for...