1. atensari

    لاکھوں بچے شناخت سے محروم ہیں

  2. sarbakaf

    Homosexual's Parties in Lahore - We are crying about talibanization what about this extremeism ?

  3. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 5th July 2011 - Ibtsam Ilahi Zahir & Marvi Sarmad - - Homosexual's Ceremony in Pakis

  4. J

    US Embassy holds homosexual's ceremony in Islamabad - WTH, don't they know its not acceptable here?

    US Embassy holds gay, lesbian ceremony in Islamabad Sunday July 03, 2011 (1304 PST) ISLAMABAD: The US Embassy has arranged the first ever gay, lesbians and transgender pride celebration ceremony in Islamabad and assured its participants that Washington would continue to support their cause...

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