1. canadian

    Gaddafi homes reveal champagne lifestyle !!

    Gaddafi homes reveal champagne lifestyle (Reuters) 1 September 2011, Libyans stand next to a golden sofa with a statue of Aisha, the daughter of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi inside her house in Tripoli. The gold-plated cutlery and crystal champagne glasses, the Versace and Armani...
  2. S

    Old Age Homes In Lahore

    AOA, Are there any Old Age Homes in Lahore? Please try to get me the Name & Contact. Thanks ! ! !
  3. canadian

    The missing taxpayers,Travel Abroad,Live In Palatial Homes,Drive Luxury Vehicles !!!

    The missing taxpayers by Murtaza Haider 28th, 2011 They travel abroad regularly, live in palatial homes and drive luxury vehicles. They are 2.3-million strong they are the affluent Pakistanis who are also distinguished because they do not pay any taxes. They dont even have a tax number...