1. ealtaf

    Zaid Hamid : We call Hindus to Islam

  2. A

    Indian Hindus insult Muslim cricketers

    Indian Hindus insult Muslim cricketers(thumbsdown) [Unfortunately, Indian fascism plus fanaticism, like their American, British and Israeli varieties, do not admit any opinions or criticism. Indian media lords follow the footsteps their masters in USA, UK and Israel and churn out...
  3. A

    Why Hindus Ill-treat fellow Muslims?

    Why Hindus Ill-treat fellow Muslims? (thumbsdown) -DR. ABDUL RUFF --------------- Is it not a matter of crude sadistic pleasure the Hindus in India and abroad derive sadistic pleasure out of ill-treating and insulting Muslims? If Hindus ill-treat low caste Hindus they are just killed by the...
  4. A

    Hindus protest Muslim prayers at public school 283

    Hindus protest Muslim prayers at public school 283 BY TOM GODFREY ,TORONTO SUN FIRST POSTED: MONDAY, JULY 4, 2011 4:32:04 EDT PM TORONTO - Hindus from across Toronto plan to protest outside a North York middle school until a controversial Friday prayer session for 400 Muslim students is...
  5. A

    Not sure Why Hindus claim ' Mecca and Madina' as their cities

    Not sure Why Hindus claim ' Mecca and Madina' as their cities
  6. pakiace

    Muslims in india! Hindus slashing muslim pregnant women ( shame to the nation of billions)

    NEW DELHI: "I am Jamil Masiullah from Malegaon, Maharashtra. I am the elder brother of Shabbir Masiullah. The police arrested my brother at 3.30am on August 3, 2006 from his house. He was given electric shocks on his private parts and acid was poured on his private parts, to make him confess...
  7. IndiaGuy

    Hindus, Sikhs may face worse times in future In Pakistan

    Islamabad The previous year was a bad one for Pakistan's minority communities including Muslims of various sects, Sikhs and Hindus due to threat to their lives by militants, according to a new report which suggested even worse times ahead. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan's report said...
  8. IndiaGuy

    What Hindus, which Muslims? By Jawed Naqvi

    WHEN the World Cup final was under way in Mumbai, I was ensconced on a beautiful bajra, a traditionally bedecked boat in Varanasi, immersed in the musical genius of thumri singers of the Banaras school. In other words, I spent much of the evening in the middle of the serene Ganga, listening...
  9. IndiaGuy

    I am not against India or Hindus: Afridi

    KARACHI: The semifinal loss to India in the World Cup continues to rankle Pakistan's ODI captain Shahid Afridi who said it was a mistake to position himself in the lower-half of the batting order in the high-voltage game. "I am not a born captain and I also make mistakes. I made mistakes in...
  10. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Hindus demand their right to register marriages

    Hindus demand their right to register marriages By Azam Khan Published: April 1, 2011 Hindus say denial of legal matrimonial recognition leads to the denial of other basic rights. ISLAMABAD: Calling for an end to institutionalised discrimination going back 62 years, the Scheduled...

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