1. Ahud khan

    Hatf II (Abdali): Pakistan conducts missile test

    RAWALPINDI: Pakistan on Friday conducted a successful test-fire of a surface-to-surface missile Hatf II (Abdali), four days after the launch of another short-range missile, ISPR said in a statement. The short-range Ballistic Missile, with a range of 180 km, carries nuclear as well as...
  2. Geek

    Pakistan test-fires new nuclear-capable missile - Hatf IX (NASR) ''Allah u Akbar''

    Pakistan successfully tests fires ballistic missile RAWALPINDI: Pakistan successfully tested a surface-to-surface, short-range ballistic missile Nasr, Geo News reported. Nasr, a multi-tube ballistic missile of Hatf series can hit with atomic warhead up to 60kms, according to a statement by the...