1. The_Choice

    The Arrivals Reloaded

    The Arrivals Reloaded was a WakeUp Project production with the aid of broadcasting media from ARY News UK and Pakistan. This series is the television-adapted version of the original The Arrivals. We must realize that we are being led down a path that leads away from humanity, from brotherhood...
  2. The_Choice

    Addiction to Dunya

    Excessive materialism and Addiction to Dunya are among the greatest challenges facing Muslims today.
  3. Geek

    Scariest Job Interview

  4. A

    Media VS social Media

  5. Arslan

    Dunya TV - Defence Day Special - 6th September

  6. Skeptic

    Dunya TV Anchor Rehman Azhar Scandal With Lahore Girl

    An anchor and two producers of Dunya TV are facing a murder case over an issue of a girl. This is the first this kind of act i think by any journalist According to an FIR registered with the Defence Police Lahore, Dunya TV anchor Rehman Azhar, producers Zeeshan and Zagham Abbas on their car...
  7. Arslan

    Dunya TV Special - Eid dunya ke Sang - 31st August 2011 - Meher Bukhari, Mubashir Luqman, Azizi, N

  8. mohib

    Nadia Khan To Host Morning Show On Dunya TV

    Famous actress and host Nadia Khan is going to join Dunya TV. According to sources, she will join Dunya TV in few days. Another Awamiweb Correspondent says that Dunya News TV is about to launch Dunya Entertainment and for that Nadia Khan has appointed for Morning show. There is chance that...
  9. A

    Azizi very upset on Rehman Malik for Calling Tablighi Jamat "TERRORISTS" (Must see!)

  10. News Watch

    Dunya Tv News Watch - 21st July 2011 - Shah Mehmood Qureshi & Qazi Hussain Ahmed join Javed Iqbal to

  11. B

    Dunya ko hai phir maarka-e-rooh-o-badan paish - Orya Maqbool Jan

  12. Pakistani1947

    Dunya TV-16-06-2011-Six Year Old Boy Peer

    May Allah save Pakistani Jahil Awam from these Fake Peers. (Aameen) ?? ??? ?? ???????? ??? ??? ??? ??
  13. hawk eyed

    Dunya Ke Ae Musafir - Our ultimate end...take a break n think

  14. News Watch

    Dunya Tv News Watch - 10th June 2011 - Afghan President's Visit Pakistan & ANP angry with Government

  15. N

    Can Pakistan survive without US aid? Pole is "ON", on Dunya TV Website....Must Participate.

    Can Pakistan survive without US aid? Pole is "ON", on Dunya TV Website. Please say "Yes" to the pole to show the world that Yes, we can survive without any Aid from any country..... Though our Rulers and Military Officials can't. Only in this way we can stand on our Footings. Here...
  16. News Watch

    Dunya Tv News Watch - 13th April 2011 - Bhutto Case, Babar Awan in Supreme Court, Pak America Relati

  17. News Watch

    Dunya Tv News Watch - 7th April 2011 - Politic of Punjab, Govt of Punjab, Young Doctors, Higher Edu

  18. P

    Kia Cricket kay maidan say hum dunya fatah kar saktay hai ? Ansar Abbasi


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