double standards

  1. M Ali Khan

    India's Bubble (great piece on India's double standards!)

    India’s bubble Any person possessing or eating beef in the great state of Maharashtra can now be imprisoned for a period of up to five years and fined Indian Rs 10,000. Consider the fact that Pakistan, which is officially an Islamic state, does not criminalise possessing or eating of pork...
  2. K

    Double standard of Honorable Supreme Court !

    28th of Feb "The Supreme Court dismissed on Wednesday the Election Commission of Pakistans plea to defer its observations regarding the delimitation of Karachis electoral constituencies, saying it was based on misleading and misconceived grounds."...
  3. S

    Muslim Protests & Free Speech - Double Standards Muslim Protests & Free Speech Details Category: Current Affairs Published on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 03:41 Written by Sami Zaatari Over the past week...
  4. M Ali Khan

    Europes bishops blast Saudi grand mufti for fatwa calling for destroying all churches in Arabian pen

    Europes bishops blast Saudi grand mufti By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, JPOST CORRESPONDENT 03/24/2012 23:10
  5. atensari

    Like every Super Power US is close to fall - Telegraph