1. M Ali Khan

    A Dream Gone Sour

    A Dream Gone Sour In the 70-plus days since Pakistan's new prime minister took office, the country has suffered roughly 70 terrorist attacks. So why doesn't Nawaz Sharif have a counterterrorism policy? BY ARIF RAFIQ | AUGUST 22, 2013 Sixty-six years ago last...
  2. swisslaw

    US-Pak Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: The Ritual And The Reality Analysis

    Secret commitments by both the political and military leaderships to co-operate with the US in counter-terrorism, ritual denial of such commitments in public statements, dragging the feet in the implementation of the commitments and fresh commitments. That has been the history of Pakistan’s...
  3. FaisalLatif

    Israel's fear of Arab democracy- Article by Ex-CIA station chief in Islamabad/Director of CIA's coun

    Robert Grenier was the CIA's chief of station in Islamabad, Pakistan, from 1999 to 2002. He was also the director of the CIA's counter-terrorism centre Tzipi Livni is an Israeli politician, the current Israeli Opposition Leader, leader of Kadima Party and Israel's ex foreign minister...