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    Parliamentary Democracy is not important, Qarardad e Maqasad is important: Zaid Hamid

  2. abdulwahabhamdan96

    Detailed meeting with Dr. Shahid Masood Sb | Siddique Jaan

    Detailed meeting with Dr. Shahid Masood Sb | Siddique Jaan
  3. K

    How Nawaz Sharif was helping zardari & they kept blind eye on corruption of Each Other


    What is going to unfold for bureaucracy?

    This is how burning record won't help. A very scientific method of investigation is about to begin. Start of this video explains all
  5. H

    The Untold Wealth of Ishaq Dar

    4 years ago, only in Dubai, only the visible wealth The Untold Wealth of Ishaq Dar By Sabena Siddiqi Al-Rasub Sep 20, 2014 Ishaq Dar is highly regarded for his financial expertise and has twice served as federal minister for finance, economic affairs, revenue and statistics. Considered a...
  6. iSupportPTI

    Hamain Kion Lota - enough of your crap now answer this mariam!

    We have had enough of your crap CHOR KHANDAN - now answer this you shameless league
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    Mulk Ka Sab Se Bara Chor Mulk K Khazanay Ka Rakhwala Kaise Ban Sakta Hai? Imran Khan's Media Talk

  8. Pak News Official

    Sheikh Rasheed Files NAB Reference Against Captain Safdar

  9. Pak News Official

    Nigeria's Resolve Against Corruption - A Lesson for Pakistan

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    $60 Million of Corruption Money VS Being Supporter of Taliban - PPP & PTI Reps Exchange Heated Words

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    Nawaz Sharif Creating Diplomatic Hurdles for Pakistan

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    How Powerful Personalities in Various Countries Surrendered to Court's Decision

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    Shehbaz Sharif ko saudia main corruption cases ka samna karna parh sakta hai, Zafar Ali Shah

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    Main Nawaz Sharif ko na ahal adami samajhta hon......- Aftab Iqbal's analysis

  15. iSupportPTI

    Stopping Nawaz Sharif from corruption will not stop Pakistan's development - Imran Khan

    Imran Khan lashes out at Sharif's and their Darbaries for saying that Trial on Sharif Family's corruption is stopping Pakistan's development. Watchout How Imran Khan proves it !~ For more interesting videos, news, and updates visit our website
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    Woh Aik Nehati Larki Thi

    Salute to the women of PTI who have been facing sick comments from the sickest people on earth - yes N league - Panama liar league . and not only derogatory statements but also harassment, and torture. Now N league is just living in a shell of lies, only fooling themselves and who else? The...
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    When i will be in Govt, I will put all corrupt Leaders in Adiala Jail: Imran Khan

  18. iSupportPTI

    What is actually Imran Khan's biggest Mission? We did some research!

    Since Imran Khan opponents say he is doing all this struggle to become PM Pakistan and he has no other objectives. So we did some research in Khan Sahab's past and found some clips which clearly show what is his Mission! - Watch it to believe it.
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    ICIJ wins Pulitzer Prize for Panama Paper story

    The papers which destroyed Pakistani Prime minister Nawaz Sharif's political career have been awarded with one of the most prestigious award in journalism 851511500921589761 851514857388204034 851511901628620800 851568158603444224 851511933975101442 851519172089655296 851517769619300356...
  20. M Ali Khan

    Axact executive pleads guilty in 'diploma mill' scam: US Justice Dept

    Department of Justice U.S. Attorneys Office Southern District of New York FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, April 7, 2017 Pakistani Man Pleads Guilty In Axact Diploma Mill Scam Joon H. Kim, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that UMAIR HAMID...