1. Axad Dhilu

    Happy birthday to greatest bowler cricket ever witness wasim akram

    happy birthday to greatest bowler cricket ever witness wasim akram #fakhrepakistan Wasim Akram was born on June 3, 1966 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He is an erstwhile Pakistani Cricketer and pioneer of reverse swing bowling...
  2. L

    Bangladesh's booming middle class

    Bangladesh's business booms as nations from Europe to Asia struggle with the global economic crisis. The middle class's appetite for consumption in this Asian country is boosting the country's economy. Statistics show that 30 million people make up the middle income bracket; this is more than...
  3. nonee17

    Mehr Bokhari class by Marvi sirmed (\08\22\story_22-8-2011_pg3_4 Those sponsoring this murderous madness must know the emerging realities and stop their ugly tactics that have proved to be counterproductive for the countrys mental health Last week marked the death anniversary...
  4. canadian

    Upper class Drug and sex parties in Karachi, Lahore !!

    نہیں میں نہیں پیوں گی۔۔۔۔’ارے پھرتم یہاں آئی کیوں ہو؟ چلوڈ انسنگ فلور پر چلتےہیں’۔پہلی بار سیٹرڈے نائٹ پارٹی میں آنے والی صنوبر کے منع کرنے کے باوجود اس کی کلاس فیلو اسے گھسیٹ کرساتھ لے ہی آئی۔ ڈانسنگ فلورپرمصروف صنوبراسکول کی ڈانس کلاسزمیں لی ہوئی تربیت اوراپنے شوق کی وجہ سےجلد ہی پوری پارٹی...
  5. Wadaich

    Brzezinski: Middle Class Unrest To Hit U.S.

    Paul Joseph Watson Thursday, July 7, 2011 I dont want to be a prophet of doom and I dont think we are approaching doom but I think were going to slide into intensified social conflicts, social hostility, some forms of radicalism, there is just going to be a sense that this is...
  6. C

    Bilderberg 2011 : Elite class decides fate of the world.

    All of the content is copied from prison planet. Kindly visit the site . Background: What Is The Bilderberg Group? The following articles provide some important information on the elite agenda of the...
  7. Wadaich

    Would U Like to Have Such a Wedding Ceremony for Himself/Brother/Sister/ Daugher? To which Class do

  8. Wadaich

    Paid Media or Middle Class Mafia - Munu Bhai
  9. Front Line

    Front Line - 10th April 2011 - Abida Hussain & Zafar Iqba Jadon - Class Devided Education System & S

  10. J

    Vicious Ruling Class Of Pakistan پاکستان کے مکّار کرتا دھرتا

  11. H

    This is the representative of the so called party of middle class :)

    MQM who always speaks about the representation of Poor people and their MNAs belong to the Middle class according to their claims. Look at the living style of their MNA Wasim Akhtar. What a hypocrisy yeh log lain gay mulk main Inqilab.:P