1. V

    Saudis announced Eid on wrong day?

    Here is link to official website of Saudia Arabia which shows correct date of Shiwal as 6th on 05/09/2011.
  2. C

    President Obama announced Wednesday he will end the Afghan surge and remove 33,000 troops by next su

    In a major policy speech on Wednesday night, President Obama announced plans to withdraw 10,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of the yearand a total of 33,000 by the end of next summer. Promising to be as strategic as we are resolute, Obama spoke of the need to balance the war on...
  3. PkRevolution

    Reko Diq final decision from Supreme Court announced.!!! Govt. of Balochistan allowed to decide on i

    Current Contract of Balochistan Gov. with Tethian Copper (Tcc) $5 billion in 56 years for Balochistan This is the second largest reserve of gold in the world. Dr Samar Mubarak mand, a nuclear scientist said that, there are three blocks of Reko Dir EL 5, EL 6 and EL 8. Tethyan Company...
  4. M_Adnan.L

    Karachi DHARNA Declaration; Indefinite Dharna in ISB to be announced

    The Dharna passed the following resolution: 1. To free Pakistan from foreign domination and the stooges that rules us. 2. It demands the resignation of the government for its failure to protect the fundamental rights of the people including the right to life and security...
  5. swing

    دو چھٹیاں: Two days weekend and one-hour daylight saving time; will be announced by PM Gilani.

    sarkari mulazimo ki MOJA he MOJA.(pehlay he yeh kaam nahe kertay aur aub gillani sab inn ko aur time de rahay hain kaam na kernay ka) aur aub ghareeb awaam aur zaleel hogee Q k sarkari mulazim tou pehlay he awam ka kaam kernay ko apna ihsaan samjtay hain aub aur kaam chori hooge aur gillani...
  6. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    As ISI chiefs term expires, extension yet to be announced

    As ISI chiefs term expires, extension yet to be announced By Irfan Ghauri Published: March 19, 2011 Reports suggest Pasha granted years extension, instead of two sought by army. PHOTO: AFP/FILE ISLAMABAD: Mystery shrouds the service extension said to have been given to the countrys...

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