1. iSupportPTI

    Have not seen a man more abusive than Imran Khan for Corrupt Rulers

    We have never seen a man more abusive than Imran Khan. And never seen politicians more polite than Abid Shir Ali, Rana Sana, Danyal, Talal, and all their gang. Check all their political history, along with their leader Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif and you will see the level of decency... but yes...
  2. ArtistSajid

    Abusive language used by PMLN ministers in National Assembly and Tv Talk shows

    Face of PMLN Real Face of Nawaz Sharif & Maryam Nawaz
  3. ArtistSajid

    Talal Chaudhery's response on his vulgar signs & language he uses

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  4. Nisar19

    Message for pti supporters

    ,Dear pti friends i can feel ur pain ,but for one moment if we all think we will know that our active struggle is only about 2 years,may be few of us r longer then 2 years. Now think about a person who has spend more than 17 years for struggling for this nation and his struggle is infront of us...
  5. In Session

    Insession - 15th July 2011 - Rana Sanaullah & Shazia Maree - Politics Nothing but Just Abuse

  6. awan4ever

    We flay the politicians when they openly abuse the law. Heres your beloved "nation saving" Armys' an

    Consequences of questioning a major Ahmad Noorani Friday, May 27, 2011 ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Airport Police on Tuesday night illegally detained a lady lecturer for the whole night just because she had a minor traffic argument with a Pakistan Army major who called the Military...
  7. Geek

    PMLN's Mushahidullah Khan does 'Ma, Behan ki Galian' Against PTI in a Live Show.

    Here is the Complete Show http://www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?63999-Bang-e-Dara-28th-April-2011-Mushahid-Ullah-Khan-Nargis-Faiz-Malik-and-Dr.-Arif-Alvi
  8. 7

    Samaa news's unsuccessful attempt to abuse younis Khan - What do you think?

    semi mein bhi inhoo match fix kia thaaa (cry)
  9. L

    Insaaf In Saudia Arab,Saudi woman 'cleared of Indonesia maid abuse'

    [hilar]Kiya Insaaf is k liay nahi hay,is ki pic dekho, By AFP RIYADH (AFP) - A court has acquitted a Saudi who had been jailed for three years after being found guilty of torturing her Indonesian maid, a local newspaper said on Sunday. "A court in Medina acquitted on Saturday a Saudi woman...
  10. canadian

    Forms of abuse of Muslim Women !!!

    "Domestic violence is an ongoing, debilitating experience of physical, psychological, and/or sexual abuse in the home," says the American Medical Association. Although Islam promises women protection from such problems, the reality in many Muslim homes is different. The most common form of...