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    The Richest Poor Man: 5 Unknown Things About Abdul Sattar Edhi

    I have always been a big fan of Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahib. So I decided to create a small tribute for the very great personality. Here are 5 things you may have not known about Edhi sahib. Please feel free to share and donate to this great organization.
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    Abdul Sattar Edhi: Why Google honours him today

    Abdul Sattar Edhi, who founded the world's largest volunteer ambulance network, would have been 89 years old on Tuesday. Abdul Sattar Edhi founded the world's largest volunteer ambulance network in Pakistan, the Edhi Foundation.Unlike wealthy individuals that fund charities in their names...
  3. Lord Commander John Snow

    Did Imran Khan threaten to kidnap Edhi? The answer is more unfortunate than you might think

    KARACHI After the death of celebrated social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi, a video clip has gone viral in which the renowned social worker names Imran Khan and Hamid Gul for allegedly threatening his life during Benazir Bhuttos first tenure in government. However, PTI supporters will be relieved to...
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    Meet Adil Baaz Edhi! Listen to his story about How he met Edhi Sahab and Joined his team as Social W

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    While Edhi Sahab's Funeral passing through Lyari Expressway - VIP Protocol for VIP Personality

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    See How Abdul Sattar Edhi refuses to go abroad for the Treatment When Rehman Malik Offered him!

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    Hameed Gul & Imran Khan tried to use me to overthrow Benazir's Government, alleges Edhi

    Imran Khan Expoed By Abdul Sattar Edhi In EXPRESS NEWS: Baat Say Baat with Maria Zulfiqar Q. Have you ever been approached by political or other groups for support? A. Once, I was approached by General Hamid Gul, Imran Khan and few others, mostly military and intelligence officials, who...