1. MojoJojo

    Imran Khan's First Ever Speech at PTI Jalsa in 1996 - Suniye Us Waqt Imran Khan Kya Kehte Thay

    Imran Khan's First Speech at First PTI Jalsa in 1996
  2. hans

    Libya 1996 prison massacre...

    The three mujahideen It all began in the summer of 1996, Haraga said, when guards brought in three new prisoners. Like other Libyans, the men had traveled to Afghanistan to fight against the Russian invasion and, later, against other groups of mujahideen. At some point during the conflict...
  3. KhanHaripur

    "We'll Blame It On The Muslims, Naturally" - 1996

    The first clip is from the 1996 movie, Long Kiss Goodnight. It is foreshadowing 9/11 just like the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen, Fight Club, the Simpsons, or Super Mario Bros, or the Illuminati Game Cards by Steve Jackson...and the list goes on & on. look up who the 5 people were who were...