Why don't you take Aleema Khan's issue to the court? debate b/w Ayesha Baksh & Javed Lateef


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Also, well done to Ayesha on calling out Javid Latifa when he said selected PM. Next time he said PM. I guess she is now out of the GEO editorial policy ;)

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I think he was the one who said the maa bahin galian in parliament. I've watched him on a few shows. His MO is to completely avoid the questions and just say what he has prepared before. useless twat
Murad Saeed se kutt khanay se bal bak bacha hai and yes thats exactly what he does, he just keeps blabbing on about the usual noora nonsense without even remotely answering any questions or talking about the topic on hand.



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Main saab se court mein ek bhi raseed nahi nikli ... Ye kya court mein le ker jayein ge.

Aleema Khan was not even a public officer holder. Waise bhi ye Javed Lateef ek Lateefa hai
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