Who the hell is PTI to defend Pakistan army - Asks Rana Sana


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Imran has to defend to select again.More you lick Bajwa,s balls,more chances r being selected again.Zani Khan will do any thing to please Bajwa.


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تمام چور ضمانتوں پر باہر آ کے سارا دن بکواس کرتے ہیں

یہ ضمانتوں والا کم بند ہونا چاہیے۔



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PTI is the govt...and govt is the BOSS of the army. That is why it is PTIs job to defend its institutions.
If DG ISPR had come out with a statement, they would have asked why he was makign a statement.

Problem with PMLN is, they are upset at the non-intrusion of army.....mirchein lagi rahein gi


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after this statement, I invoke curse on you for crossing the red line on making a mention of “Roza-e-Mubarak while defending your masters.
Laanat- laanat- laanat
Nawaz kay bandar.


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tum logon ki larai foaj se hai, kiu Imran khan kabu ni a ra , foaj ko pressurize kar k kabu karna chah rahay jese Musharaf ko kia tha.


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NO ONE ...... has destroyed the reputation of Pak Army and its Generals more in front of World Audience then the two Niazis from Mianwai. General Niazi and his nephew Imran Niazi. YouTube is full of their videos ruining reputation of this great Pak Army


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Deal aur dheel dene ka yea result ata ha..
Manshiyat ka case Army ke Maj. Gen. ke neechee aur yea bail per bahir.. Govt. ki be badnami huye
Kuch tu Deal huye hogi..
Kash aik Deal aur NRO Ghareeb awaam ko be kabi mil jaye


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this rana pig should know that it is the right of every Pakistani to support the army
it is very sad that such goons are on tv and to see that millions of mental people still support them blindly


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گدھے ایک پاکستانی حکومت اپنی آرمی کا دفاع نہیں کریگی تو کیا انڈین آرمی کا کریگی گنجے کیطرح پاک آرمی کو گالیاں دیگی؟
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