"We stand by our story, it is factually correct" Nadeem Malik comments on Hammad Azhar tax returns


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Nadeem Malik ko chahiye apne show mein 3 se 4 minute ka item number bhi rakh le. Waise nahi to shayed aise hee Ratings aa jaein.

Baaqi Tax to sab dein ge. Hammad Azhar ne ager tax chori kiya hai, to fine sameit dena hoga.
Nadeem sb with all due respect, just to get ratings don't go so low. Have some morality. Every other day you stop to Hamid mir jaffars level and do interviews of looters. Can you please avoid them.


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A gimmick to boost the sagging rating of his program...

Hammad should file a defamation case.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Lootia league ka aik aur lafafa, now PEMRA should fine him and stop his so called program.
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