Usman Dar responds to Maryam Nawaz on calling Imran Khan "Nalaik-e-Azam "


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Maryam Safdar has a glorious history of dishonesty. She started cheating as early as school days, got enrolment in King Edward medical college with much less than the required marks through her father's PM Nawaz influence but ultimately thrown out of college when it was disclosed.

In Nov 2013 appointed by her father Nawaz as chairperson of PM's youth programme,( without any experience or credibility) which was challenged in LHC. When asked by the judge about Maryam's eligibility, her attorney presented credential in court as M.A. in English literature followed by PhD in political science(?)which was questioned by amazed judge & eventually embarrassed attorney withdrew the academic credentials resulting Maryam's resignation from the post with disgrace.

Maryam Safdar along with Pervez Rashid was the architect of the Dawn's planted story. This lie had risked the vital state interests through the inclusion of inaccurate and misleading content which had no relevance to actual discussion and facts.

Investigators in Panama case noticed that documents handed over by the PM Nawaz's daughter, Maryam Safdar in Avenfield apartments case, were typed up in the font Calibri. But the documents were dated from 2006 — and Calibri wasn’t available at that point, making a unique case that they were forged.

On 6 July 2018, she was sentenced to 7 years jail term and two million pounds by the NAB on corruption charges in Avenfield reference case. She was given 7 years for abetment and 1 year for non-cooperation with the NAB. Both sentences will run concurrently. As a result, she was disqualified from contesting election for 10 years.

The court held that trust deeds presented by Maryam before the apex court was fake and had been tampered with. Her father Nawaz Sharif, and husband were also sentenced ten and one-years in prison, respectively. The court also ordered the seizure of the Avenfield flats of the Sharif family.


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کیا زمانہ آگیا ھے ! کہتے ھین عقل بازار سے ملتی تو مریم کو ضرور لے دیتے ! کہتی ھے میں عمران کو وزیر آعطم. نھیں مانتی. ! بی بی اپنے گریبان میں جھانکو جھوٹ بولنے، جعلی کاغزات عدالت میں جمع کرانے، خزانہ چوری میں معاونت کرنے پر آپ سزا یافتہ ھین. اور ضمانت پر ھین ! پھر بھی اپنے آپ کو بے گناہ سمجھتی ھیں. ؟ ابا جی جیل میں مسلسل بیماری کاڈھنڈورا پیٹ رھا ھے باقی خاندان مفرور.محترمہ کوئی شرم ھوتی ھے کوئی حیا ھوتی ھے.اصل بات یہ ہیں کہ پاکستان میں کوئی قانون نہیں ہیں اور نہ کوئی ایماندار افسر جس کے دل میں اللہ تعالی کا خوف ہو ۔۔ اگر کوئی ایسا افسر ہوتا تو اج یہ ساری چور ڈاکو آزاد نہیں گھومتے ۔۔ ایک تو چور اوپر سے نااہل اور پھر بھی حکومت تماشا دیکھتی ے ! کوئی سزائیں نہیں دیتے ۔۔


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The Calibri Crook Maryam Safdar has all the potentiality of competing world famous thugs like Mrs. Grace Mugabe of Zimbabwe or Mrs. Imelda Marcos of Philippines.

Though Imelda & Grace both did the greatest plunderers in history of Philippines & Zimbabwe respectively through their husbands while Maryam did the greatest plunders in the history of Pakistan through her Father, notorious Nawaz Sharif.
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