Travel Ban On Pk | 50 UK MPs Question Boris Johnson In Explosive Protest L

Oppostion Is Mafia

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اکثر دنیا آج کل بے وقفوں کی حکومت ہے۔ یہ بھی انہی میں سے ایک چ ہے


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HAHAH 50MPs..Apne Tarf se or barhao..khid ko Mashoor karo..
Pakistani Foreign Ministry ne Kuch bola b hae?


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Are you Jealous Indian ?
When u dont hveValid Argument, u start labelling Indian..Peoleike u r the real enemy of Pakistan..
Apart from Naz Shah Start Naming other MPs..
Or any proof from Pak Foreign Office..Stop living in Fool Paradise n hve some real ground work..
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