Threatening IMF will get you a mega bailout!!!!


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
IMF knows the cheats ruling the country. Therefore, they are giving lollypop after lollypop instead of awarding a meager loan of 1 billion dollars. Even discussion with US US ambassador did not work out properly.

Bajwa and Imported Govt have brought a new strategy to get a mega bailout from IMF. This has worked on the PTI and the Pakistan People.

1. Bark, Scold and Shout on IMF
2. Surprise visits to their offices (and mouj maila if office closed)
3. Threatening calls from Rana Sana and Tarar-type people
4. Sending them Bhatta receipts for a billion dollar.
5. Filing FIRs on IMF officers and their wives/gfs for stealing buffaloes from raiwand
6. Arresting IMF country officers or 35 punctures to their cars/body
7. Attack on IMF office using Gundas
8. Model town massacre on IMF staff or ex-staff.
9. Hamza Shahbaz provides subsidies to IMF chiefs.
10. Load shedding for IMF offices
11. Sending sorry and regrets to IMF in the name of Immi

Lets see what works out
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