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Dr Adam

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اس بے شرم پٹواری سنگر کو کوئی یہ بتائے کہ اسلام آباد مندر پاکستان کے پاکستانی محب وطن ہندوؤں کے لیے بنایا جانا ہے ہندوستان کے ہندوؤں کے لیے نہیں


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Some words are object able in this song ,we request to government to settle this issue as soon as possible ,we are not against the construction of temple in Islamabad but it's not fair its costs been paid by government how many mosques been build by government,they only allot the land.


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Ab waqt hay key India say apne taluqat ko mazhabi nafrat ya tasub ki ghalazat say alehda rakkhein. Hindu tau Sri Lanka, Nepal , Mauritius, Fiji Islands aur Caribbean may bhi rehte hain aur unse humara kya jhagda ?


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Who is behind this filthy propaganda? Maybe some pro-india group or patwari?
Investigate the singer/producer/agency behind this..

Citizen X

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This is how nooras and moulvis brainwash and emotionally blackmail people. and dumb shits like him fall for it.

And majority of the people who oppose thing whether they admit it or not think exactly the same way. Hindu=India
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