Restaurant owners making fun of manager for his inability to speak English


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What idiots these elite owners are .... I will make sure I will show their true face to the world on their own facebook page. Shameful creatures and then we call ourselves muslims. La'anat hai in janwaron pur.
I pray that their manager cooks a donkey meat burger for their dinner.


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What a couple of crass creeps.
'A very good salary, mind you'??!!
Scum, the guy earns it, you're aren't donating. And if you are, then you're an even bigger shithead for telecasting it.
Bey painday kay gharay. Absolutely of no use. Completely a waste.


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Here is the link of their restaurant's Facebook page.

What's nonsense , these stupid mentally retarded sick girls. Shame on these girls.
complex ki maari hui aurtain. Baichari sharem ki maari , udhaar li hui zubaan pur ittra rahi hain . Bibi english tuo seekh li ab apnay aba o ajdaad ko kaisay tabdeel karo gi ??? Wo tuo gorray nahi ho sakay tuo kya apni anay wali nasel ka DNA tabdeel karo gi ???
English nahi aati tuo kya ???
tum Elite class kay paas english “ mera jism meri murzi “ aur corruption kay ilawa hay kya dainay ko ???
kitna acha hota gorray jatay waqt tumharay barroon ko bhi saath laijatay kum uz kum pakistan sai gand saaf hota aur tum jaisi aurtoon ka MIX DNA hota , gora + Asian slaves. MIX ACHAAR .


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such women do the same thing to their men. They can't make tea for them and will say the same teasing words (inferiority complex) till they are divorced. if you go to cities, you will see a long line of such crazy women, selling chai and dabal rooti but thinking of themselves as the Italian bakery queens.
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