Rationale of Parade in these conditions?


Minister (2k+ posts)
On one hand govt is warning against a new wave of Corona and putting restrictions on individuals. On the other hand a grand millitary parade is being held on 23rd march. 'kya ye khula tazaad nehi hai'. We are not talking of the economic cost when people are reeling under hyper inflation and public nuisance in the form of traffic jams and diversions around the parade venue.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
As I mentioned earlier In modern times , a nuke under a mountain once a year should be enough to show military strength.

No traffic jams or corona to worry about.


Senator (1k+ posts)
apart from getting PR and receiving a Salute, there is no reason for this waste of money to go ahead. I love military stuff and spend hours watching jets go by, but same money can be used at better places.
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