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Roshan Khan

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maujudha halat mai mulk kese ehtijaj ka mutahamil nahi husakta ye baat to sab kihtay hai par zarurat ess baat ke hai k in par amal kon karay gha ajj jahan (pml n) ye ilzam pti par laghati hai k pti mulk ko jamhuri nizam se hutana chahti (agher iss ilzam mai sadaqat hai) to iss mai sab se bara hissa khud (pml n ) ka hai ju khud dusroo ko musalsal rasta day rahi hai tahir ul qadri ke misal humaray samnay hai kess tarah usko hero banya gaya..
Ab imran khan k muhamlay akhir ye gov;t itna q kanp rahi kiya eek dahrnany in ko hukumat k janay ka dar hai jiss ki waja mian sahab ki raat ke nind our dhin ka sakoon haib huwa hai
our you pagaloon ke tarah kabi (army) k hawalay karti islmabad ko kabi imran khan ko nazar band karnay ka sochti hai issa karnay se kiya problm solve hujay ghi ???d
imran khan k mutalbaat assay nahi tay k jin par amall nahi kiya jasakta ta...d
imran khan k ju b ilzamat tay abb takwo koi omahmuli nuhyat k nahi khass toor par ju usnay former chif justess par laghay our geo grup our pml n par en mai baz islahat to wo sabit b karchuka agher 50% b our sabit hujay to per to koi b ye assani se kih sakta hai k ye mulk humara ye systam tabah hucha hai iss mai kuch baqi nahi
agher waqi kese mulk ka chif justess dahndali mai mulawiss hai our our bara midia gurp to app batayy uskay baad konsi jamhuriat our konsa elction ???
Our per kiya in sab batoon k bad kiya imran khan tik nahi kih raha k intikhabi islahat ke zarurat our bio metrik voting systm ki zarurat hai ??
Our agher uskay bad b ye mutalbay tik (jaiz) nahi to per tik hai assay dahandli par annay wali (jamhuri) hukumatse ammreiat lac darjay bihtar hai........


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
I am here in Canada but I know for sure that PTI with IK as its chief, can do anything and everything it aims at........Keep it up, we are with you PTI.

Roshan Khan

New Member
kuch logh bala waja hair zaruri tankid kartay app b un mai se 1 hai..
yad raku jab be baat karu 1 tarf ke mat karu...
app jin ko sport kartay hu waha to socide huiy kitnay masail huiy our janab shihbaz sharif sahab k 6 month kaha gay???


Zafar Malik

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Media wale PTI ke sath step mother wala bartao kar rahe hein . inko pmln aur ppp ke jhoote numaieshi mansube tu nazar aate hein magar pti ka koi tehmeeri kaam inko nazar nahein ata . khair kuch hi dino ki baat hai yehi media pti ke gunn gane par majboor hoga .


Minister (2k+ posts)
Media wale PTI ke sath step mother wala bartao kar rahe hein . inko pmln aur ppp ke jhoote numaieshi mansube tu nazar aate hein magar pti ka koi tehmeeri kaam inko nazar nahein ata . khair kuch hi dino ki baat hai yehi media pti ke gunn gane par majboor hoga .
Sir G yeh mall mangtey Hain pti need to invest in media


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Bhai 1 saal me sirf Indian movie me hi Paris/London/New York jaisy shehr bnty h, reality me time chaheye hota h even 1 ghr banany me. I hope you would not waste time with counter arguments :)

I ve not argued, I just asked a question for my knowledge, I ll appreciate if u answer to that.


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Salam alikum!

My name is Sohail Saeed, I am from KPK Peshawar, Gulbahar (from the area of PTI Former health minister brother Shaukat Yousafzai) settled in Mauritius. Recently i have broken 2 world records in Push-ups and I kept on asking our Pakistan high commission in Mauritius for support even i asked my brother to tell PTI government to raise this issue to the concern authorities but nothing happened for me obviously it says all what their TALL claims are.

Sohail Saeed

A Nasir Saleem

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change the pakistan....change the system. Chang the buldogs charactor i mean police. Change the all nonsence judges who can not judge the innocents. If u can not give me only two days in government with full athority u will feel the result.
Look KPK govt bari sust leken achi jarhe hey .no 2 ab koie Damakey or Target Killing nahi hoti loike Past ANP AND PPP AND JUF etc u know bitter but in KP Govt CM and Her Son is not will and good .ye or is ke brother Mr Liaqat or Son in Law Dr Imran Khattk ye P-K 13 ko bari tarjeeh daten hen or tamam jobs bhi unhi areas me diye gaie hn or mazeed b de rahen hen .
abe tak jo ANP walon ne or PPP walon jo Qoom ka paisa Loota hy PTI govt ne kuch nhi kia is bare me ANP ke Main Iftikhar hussan ne 27 arab rupey kahan or kase kharch kiye in ka hisab nhi liya giya abe tak aam lo paresahan hy or jo CM or un kw Son ke khasul Kahas hy unke kam hoten hen or Job bhi datey hn jab ke mane khud apni naie Car or Paisa 11 may or zimni me kafe kharch kia take PTI aie or In chorn se hesab kitab kare magr KPK ke CM Attaurahman jo ke Cm ka Ps hy wo ANP walon ke sat mela jhowa hy or Abe abe 5 civil Eng ke % sets PPP ke logon ko bharti kiye hn baq agr ap ko mazeed malomat chaheie to ap mare Uncle se mail par bat karen me un se poch kar ap ko un ka cel no de don ga or us ka mail Id bh wase me UK Manchester me rehta hon.
kpk govt ...should ..first condemn ...those who destroyed the thousands of schools....2] why ik shoed differen t v sign by fingers ...its disputed one.......3] go for solar ...give incentices for home owners for independent solar units ...on easy instalments...this will reduce load shedding load ...kapco ...u have very capable officer there ...brig [r ..saduozai ...

Hafiz Rehmar

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i went on vacation to Pakistan,when i was coming back required polio vaccine therefore went to district hospital 2 days before ramadan,they said the form is not available here you have to go to old hospital in haripuron monday buti requested to give me vaccine because in Ramadan will be impossible to take,when i went there on Monday to haripur Hospital there was same story no forms available,to get forms and certificate of vaccine which one is asking on airport the bribery was going on,shame on this Govt who is saying loudly on tv that best governing in kpk.

Noor Akbar

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I have mixed feelings. PTI did depoliticise police, enacted a very good Freedom of Info Act, gave jobs on merit to new teachers & put in place an effective monitoring system to restore the destroyed govt educational system. However, their claims about correcting patwaris & hospitals etc are very exaggerated. Moreover, inexperience on part of their MPs & ministers is also a point visibly going against PTI. Corruption has not yet engulfed them & their sincerity to correct things in Pak is also above board.


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Dear Siasat.PK Team

Considering all the uphill battles KPK Government is facing, I think they are doing remarkable job. There are concrete evidence of improvements made by the government of KPK. All other states, specially Punjab and Sindh Governments have almost destroyed the infrastructure and economy. Both governments are full of traitors and looters. They are definitely working on foreign agendas and are directly manipulated by external forces.
Thank God that Pakistan army is strong and faithful and have the country saved so far, otherwise these two governments have done their best to destroy the country.

Iqbal Afridi

New Member
Dear All,

I am PTI supporter but I m not satisfied with PTI KPK's ministers .JI Ministers has great ambition towards public service as compared to PTI's ministers.
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