Public Confidence in Imran Khan's leadership in countries around the world.

Imran the legend

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It means he is more popular in foreign countries than his own country.
Foreign countries seen his good work and he’s very poplar, in Pakistan lot of poverty and corrupt mafia been in power last 30 years plus religious side groups like fazlu against him they don’t care good work they only look at there benefits

Sohail Shuja

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how legit is this?
I don't believe Khan's rating is at 62%
It is a Twitter media page, from Bangkok and it runs public surveys on Social media (specially twitter) and while claiming itself of being an International media watch entity, it is focused on Pakistan, mostly. So, the methodology can be questioned here for its reliability and generalization of the results.

But it is a general observation that Khan is more valued than our previous rulers.
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Citizen X

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I think these are approximately right, because Erdogan really isn't that popular back in Turkey anymore because after almost 20 years they are starting to get a bit tired of him and its starting to feel all a bit dictatorial.
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